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1.  Why should I fish with Teacher Todd Guide Service?

  • Guide Todd Martinson's passion for fishing is infectious

  • He has spent years fishing the WI river to be able to find fish in any conditions

  • Most of our fishing is done fishing Topwater Lures or Flies which makes for an exciting visual day of fishing

  • Our guide Todd is a teacher.  He is able to give guidance in a way where he does not make you feel foolish

  • He truly cares if you are having a great day

  • He also has excellent people and customer service skills

  • All trips are customized and include lessons on techniques and tactics

  • Examples of customized trips :
    • Trophy Trips

    • Numbers Trips

    • Fly Fishing Trip

    • Introduction to casting trips


2.  Why is fishing with a guide so expensive?

  • Things to keep in mind

    • Our guide Todd has spent over 20 years seriously fishing these waters.   It is hard to put a price on time spent on the water

    • We will show you tips and tactics you can take with you wherever you fish in the future.  Try not to just think of it as just a day of fishing.  Think of it as getting a tackle box full of tips and tactics you can use for a lifetime

    • We provide top of the line reliable equipment for you to use

    • Upkeep of boat and motors

    • Guide Todd is willing to answer any question you may have about fishing.  


3.  What are your rates?

  • Full Day-$550.00 7hrs of fishing

  • Half Day-$400.00 4hrs of fishing

  • Custom/Multi-Day trips available upon request


4.  How does the process work?

  • We will communicate first via email/text or by phone to discuss what you are looking for in a trip  

  • From our conversations, we will personally tailor a trip that bests suits what you want out of the experience

  • Weather, river levels, and fish activity will determine where we meet


5.  What if it rains?

  • Pending weather and fishing conditions we will make a plan to meet at the boat landing

  • If it is not lighting we will still go on our trip as some of our best days have been during solid rainstorms


6.  What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancel prior to 30 days of your trip and we will refund 1/2 of your deposit

  • Canceling within 30 days will result in loss of your deposit

  • Thank you for your understanding here as my dates are limited and when you have a tripped book and cancel that is taking away a day on the water for someone else

7.  What are your approximate dates in Wisconsin and in Colorado?

  • Wisconsin: late May first 2 weeks of June​

  • Colorado Stillwater Season: May - October 

  • Colorado Ice Fishing Season: late November to Ice off



















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