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Tips and Tactics Early Season Smallmouth


Let's call April through May Early Season. From now through May we'll float/trolling motor along the shore casting into the shore and retrieving back to the boat. Fishing in cold early spring can be hard but on the same token it can be very productive. Why do we say this? If you are all excited and you have the most fancy baitcasting reel with 24 ball bearings and you only need to reel once to move your lure 10ft you are going have problems. Both with your significant other for how much you spent and yourself as you will not be catching fish. You must fish SLOW. Not sort of SLOW. REALLY SLOW. Like reel and pause slow. Erase last year and the hot and fast topwater action and GO SLOW. You want to out fish your friend, just reel slower than him/her. It works.

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