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Northern Wisconsin River Fishing Report


After an extremely fun weekend in Chicago it is time to finish getting ready for the Wisconsin fishing opener. Jeep is packed, rods are ready, and Simms (my dog) is just as excited as I am.

2 weeks ago when I was out I realized I did not have an intermediate fly line and just wasn't able to get the fly down to the correct depth consistently with my sink tip fly line.

New Hydros Intermediate line (thank you Orivs) was ordered Monday and will be to the cabin tomorrow!

Game plan: Water is rising both in temperature and depth. As long as the flows do not get to high this is going to be an epic opener. Water temp right now on the river is 42 and rising. If water levels stabilize and water temperature nears that 50-degree mark really good things are going to happen.

We'll fish both conventional and fly gear on Saturday. Same plan as a few weeks back.

Cast to the shore, let it sink, bring it back in slow and WHAM!!

Flies of choice: Peanut Butter, Meal ticket flies

Lures: Shallow Crankbaits, suspending lures, and a few double willow spin baits.

Will let you know what we find out after a full day of fishing on Saturday.


Teacher Todd

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