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Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report

June 16th - June 24th- After 5 plus inches of rain last week all rivers are running high and fast. In fact, a few sections we normally fish are actually 3x ideal fish-able levels. Spent the last week exploring new water trying new techniques to find patterns of new holding areas of Smallmouth.

By spending everyday on different sections of water helped us find some patterns.

I'll keep this short as I want to get back on the water.

Here is what we found. (When I say fish I mean Smallmouth)

-Fish are close to structure. I mean really close.

-Fish have moved up to certain sand flats in about 2 feet of water and sit and watch food go over them all day long. We've found them on the surface and just under the surface.

-The bite is soft or short. Keep your topwater fly/lure in the water and they'll sometimes go after it again.

-We must cover water, stay positive, and be ready for feeding windows during bug hatches!

Two new tactics we tired that were successful:

-I swung streamers across these sand flats and let the current take my line and WHAM!...

=In some of the faster water near tall grass banks I dead drifted foam grasshoppers. It was effective! By not pulling the grasshopper away from the bank it allows the fly to stay in the strike zone for longer.

Enjoy Today,


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