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Northern Wisconsin River Fishing Report

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Fairly close to epic!

Well over 100 Smallmouth were caught by myself and guests this Weekend.

Saturday: I fished with Simms on the Wisconsin River. Water temps mid 60’s.

Great numbers of 14”-15”, only one or two around 18’’. Fished all topwater poppers. Smallmouth takes were subtle with snake northern just crushing the flies!

Sunday: Took Graham and Natalia out. Remember, those who fish together stay together! In short, Graham was on fire. Probably 30ish fish. He had multiple back to back to back casts with fish. All on Topwater poppers cast near sure. He casted very well and was rewarded. I did scold him a few times for casting ahead where Natalia was casting. Pretty sure he was trying to take her fish away. Huge kudos to Natalia for A. fishing for over 3 hours and B. casting all day and catching fish. She did awesome and was a delight to have in the boat. Hope to fish with them again in the future!

Monday: Fished the Wisconsin again with my step-sister Amy Wickhem. She couldn’t remember the last time she fished but she jumped right back into it. We were only out for a few hours and we got into double digit fish, all on topwater casting to shore.

After multiple 14-15” fish she had a monster crush her topwater lure and we got it to the boat measuring 19” inches. It was a solid Smallmouth.

Tuesday: I took a me morning for a few hours and crushed the Smallies on topwater flies.

Short pops near shade and structure produced the most fish. I fished the weeds a bit to see if I could find a Muskie or Northern and ended up with a few Northern in the 25” mark. I managed my first 20” fish of the season. At least 4.5lbs. Super fun take right as the popper hit the water and a strong fight with a few entertaining jumps before coming to the boat.

Tuesday p.m. Took my Aunt Nancy out. She truly is a gem to guide. I know our window of fishing together will be roughly 2 hours so we need to make every cast count. She does an excellent job of looking ahead and listening to where I tell her to cast and then putting the lure within a 6” inches of where I say. Not everyone can cast as accurately but since I fished this same water for 20 plus years I know the likely holding places of the fish and if you are able to hit the spots you will catch fish consistently. (yes this changes, but I fish myself just about everyday so I know where they are.)


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